Welcome to Malaysian Talks (MT) - a blog that is dedicated to Malaysians of all walks of life.

We at MT appreciate all the effort and time spent by readers to give us great value of input in order to create proactive and first class mentality community.

MT was started in the believe every Malaysian is entitled to their opinion and shall say it as it is without sugar coating. We stress on freedom of speech and we hope this blog will act as platform for great discussions and will enable readers to express their opinions without implying censorship on their thoughts.

MT also believe the government is for the people and the people should not be afraid of the government in stating their opinion. We urge the readers to keep the comments and discussions as professional as possible.

As much we stress on freedom of speech, we also stress on minimal use of profanity or acceptable rate of profanity use in the discussion. MT admins and guardians will monitor the blog on daily basis.

The objective of MT is:-

1. To promote freedom of speech
2. Enable Malaysians to speak and write about anything under the sun related to Malaysia
3. Saying matters as it is without censorship
4. Fearless Malaysians to state their opinion
5. To encourage healthy debate among MT readers

Once again, we would love to welcome all MT readers and we hope to deliver something for everyone through our writings.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information and clarification via contact us page.


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