Posted by : Zubio 31/07/2013

Malaysia, few days back was stunned with shooting incidents and bigotry cases that shook the very foundation of Malaysia which is multi-racial, multi-religious and tolerance. Malaysia is the only country in the world protects the interest of majority rather than the minority. It is okay to side-line the minority and to live on their effort till the last blood. The politicians (UMNO) are very satisfied with the current circumstance and they are proud of what they are doing.

After all the cases and the incidents, Malaysians looked forward to hear what their Captain (Prime Minister) has to say about all these. This Captain chose to remain silence like a lamb. This lamb went further by giving a comment where most common man feel that the lamb has insulted their intelligent. Some of them even question the lamb's credibility and capability as a captain. Does the lamb even choose what type of grass will be served for lunch?

Since the lamb is so quiet and remains in the dark for people's eyes, the Vice-Captain (Deputy Prime Minister) starts to make his own movements. This Vice-Captain choose to be the cow and moo on all racial issues. Here, we are talking about a person  cow that is trying to be the Captain of Malaysia. If we need to set a bench mark for racism and this person cow will be the one. The cow is so racist that, even the devil's worship it. This cow went to an extend saying "Insulting Islam will create Tension." So, in other words, you can insult other religions but actions will not be taken but anything said against Islam will taken down with a full force. Ibrahim Ali, Ridhuan Tee, Zulkifli Nordin and Syah Kirit was celebrated and the best some of them were allowed to stand under Barisan Nasional banner for election.

As a Malaysian, I feel that divide and rule may be politically correct but not as a nation which is trying to build a first class mentality citizen. How the f**k will Malaysia be economically or politically stable when we have a lamb and a cow ruling our country? Remember to slaughter this lamb and cow when the time comes.

We may loose the battle thousand times but never once will stop fighting a battle. Racism is a disease and we must strive harder to cure the disease. The only medicine is to show love and humanity regardless of race, religion, creed and status. Only love towards other humans and animals can make Malaysia better place to live.  

All great changes are preceded by chaos

Have you encountered a racist situation in your life? Let us know how did you manage the situation in our comment section.

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