Posted by : Zubio 26/07/2013

Since there are many speculations of the SK Seri Pristana canteen issue recently, nothing seems to be conclusive. To me, everyone is at fault. The non-Muslims and also the Muslims. Non-Muslims if they were tolerant enough to accept the fact that we can eat anywhere which is suitable to eat, there wouldn't be a problem. And to hype up an issue and to condemn the Muslims during their holy month is never the right thing to do. Plus, to exaggerate that it was a toilet and smelly are statements that are uncalled for. Provided that the reasons were acceptable as in having a sink would ease these students to wash their hands after eating and provided that the changing room is hygienic. Adding to the fact that there are no other rooms, halls or open spaces that would hamper these students from eating. 

While for the Muslims, during fasting month, a non-Muslim can eat in front of a Muslim and if he could tolerate that, then this Muslim has purely understood the purpose of fasting. It's not just about not eating but it's also on how to control the urge of eating although there are people eating in front of them. And it's also not right to segregate anyone to eat within closed doors to ensure the Muslims are not influenced from those eating. It's so wrong and it's against Islam as fasting month is also a month to test the ability to control our desire. So, to me, both sides are at wrong. And things as such happen simply because deep in us we're all racists. 

So why are we racists? We are segregated from the days of British occupancy till the peak of racial tension, the 13th of May. And it's still on-going although we are living in harmony. Deep in us we are raised since childhood with the hatred towards another race. One race feels superior than the other and vice-versa. We become more religious to prove that we are better than the other. We come up with many laws and legislation to condone the rights of preaching religion freely. It only happens in our very country, Malaysia. If you go beyond Malaysia, it's never like this. The Muslims or the non-Muslims are more tolerant and they can accept their faith without problems. 

In a nutshell, we are all racists and to change things up, it has to begin from home and it has to be cultivated since childhood. Raise your child up by proving that we are all Malaysians and not Chinese, Indian or Malay. If you could do this, then things might be different. Or else, racism is a never ending story.

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