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The whole country "misunderstood". Only a few got it RIGHT!! Netizens went furious over a speculation that initiated through facebook picture posted by Ms.Guneswari, mother of one of the victim of circumstances. The picture of non-muslim kids eating in toilet became viral and caused havoc in networld. Everyone is pressurized, from politicians to media, to make coverage on this issue. Bloggers started to share the news and point of views (, & regarding this atrocity.

And then came our HERO who clarified the issue and intercepted new definition of the scenario. It's none other than Mazidul Akmal from TV3. He took the initiative to correct the manipulation of fact made by certain section of media and bloggers. His pointed out that the picture taken was not in TOILET but CHANGING ROOM which was upgraded by the school providing 2 tables with clean purple table cloth and wash basin nearby. WOW!! isn't that awesome, it was changing a.k.a shower room. All this while we thought it was TOILET. I mean seriously, isn't changing room a perfect spot to place our dining table. We can eat while changing our clothes and wait there's more... You can even eat while taking shower. How convenient is that? An innovation worth appreciation.Since it's fasting month, a perfect spot for us to buka puasa as well. See!!

Now everyone can enjoy the privilege of changing room as dining hall regardless of racial barrier. No RACISM or discrimination, an initiative to instill racial unity towards 1 Malaysia.

Mazidul Akmal even stressed that those pictures were posted a Pro-Opposition blogger. I didn't know the concerned mother is an Opposition activist. Could she be member of the Read Bean Army?? Were the pictures morphed using photoshop?? Could this be the actual picture, Oh NO!!!

Actual Picture

Morphed Picture

Ini adalah fitnah pembangkang!!!!

But finally this issue is resolved, thanks to YB P.Kamalanathan. How he did it? Simple, by taking the Headmaster statements, make his own conclusion and made further press statement saying it is RESOLVED.

Let us see what happened chronologically. At first the headmaster claimed that the canteen was closed for renovation during Ramadhan month, therefore a temporary spot was placed for Non-Muslim to eat at changing room. And then Kamalanathan said the issue pertains to the location of the makeshift canteen, as it has been used since March this year even by Muslims since lack of facilities to accommodate 1300 students. And then subsequent statement he said "Yes, the renovation only involves a glass door at the teacher's canteen, but then these are small children. So the school was concerned that the children might be hurt when they run around". "The intention was good, but the location is wrong" he added.

Am I the only one sees the contradicting statement? At first due to Renovation, and then lack of facility since March with the consent of PTA, and finally safety of children due to renovation. P.Kamalanathan did it again after 2011 Interlok KKB controversy. He'll walk in do some talking and then declares it is RESOLVED. Best part is he even made a personal contribution of RM10,000 for the renovation. He is the most "Kind" and "Diplomatic" person I've ever seen. I love this puppet show. I wonder who is the puppet master, something FISHY....

For more information on this issue, please click here. Do you feel the same? or Do you have a different opinion? Let us know!

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