Posted by : Zubio 16/07/2013

A student who scored 3.8 CGPA in her foundation year in University Malaya was denied a seat in the medical course. She was rejected because her name sounded 'foreign and Christian'.

How rubbish that could be? I was shocked when I read the news 'Christian name reason to reject top student?'. So, I have to have a name that sounds Malaysian and Islamic to get into public universities?
Seriously, to those who works in the education ministry, "sayur-sayuran bin longkang", is this name eligible to secure a place? Because this sounds pretty Malaysian and Islamic to me.

What I don't understand is, she was the student in that University and she was doing her foundation. Education ministry officer, was her name not 'foreign and Christian' to you back then? I seriously would love to see the thought process of that officer because I'm dazzled with his/her decision making capability.

I mean, who the f**k comes with these kind of lame excuses and reasons to reject a top scorer. Please don't insult the intelligence of the people by coming up with excuses that makes me to puke. Its the same story with JPA Scholarships. The government should make the color of the skin as an requirement as well with religion.
If they (the government) could say it earlier, then the non-Malays can actually focus on learning rather than memorizing and passing the exams with all A's. Because the hard way or easy way the non-Malays is not going to get it.

This country has become more racist than ever. They think its okay to discriminate, step on the heads and do whatever they want. The Malays (especially the UMNO goons) think that this country belongs to particularly one race. I seriously don't give a f**k about how racist the f**king politicians are but, please don't make education racial and political. Only through education we can have a better Malaysia.

Do you feel the same I do? Pen down your frustrations and suggestion in the comment section.


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