Malaysian Racism:The Silence of a Lamb & The Moo of a Cow

Malaysia, few days back was stunned with shooting incidents and bigotry cases that shook the very foundation of Malaysia which is multi-racial, multi-religious and tolerance. Malaysia is the only country in the world protects the interest of majority rather than the minority. It is okay to side-line the minority and to live on their effort till the last blood. The politicians (UMNO) are very satisfied with the current circumstance and they are proud of what they are doing.

After all the cases and the incidents, Malaysians looked forward to hear what their Captain (Prime Minister) has to say about all these. This Captain chose to remain silence like a lamb. This lamb went further by giving a comment where most common man feel that the lamb has insulted their intelligent. Some of them even question the lamb's credibility and capability as a captain. Does the lamb even choose what type of grass will be served for lunch?

Since the lamb is so quiet and remains in the dark for people's eyes, the Vice-Captain (Deputy Prime Minister) starts to make his own movements. This Vice-Captain choose to be the cow and moo on all racial issues. Here, we are talking about a person  cow that is trying to be the Captain of Malaysia. If we need to set a bench mark for racism and this person cow will be the one. The cow is so racist that, even the devil's worship it. This cow went to an extend saying "Insulting Islam will create Tension." So, in other words, you can insult other religions but actions will not be taken but anything said against Islam will taken down with a full force. Ibrahim Ali, Ridhuan Tee, Zulkifli Nordin and Syah Kirit was celebrated and the best some of them were allowed to stand under Barisan Nasional banner for election.

As a Malaysian, I feel that divide and rule may be politically correct but not as a nation which is trying to build a first class mentality citizen. How the f**k will Malaysia be economically or politically stable when we have a lamb and a cow ruling our country? Remember to slaughter this lamb and cow when the time comes.

We may loose the battle thousand times but never once will stop fighting a battle. Racism is a disease and we must strive harder to cure the disease. The only medicine is to show love and humanity regardless of race, religion, creed and status. Only love towards other humans and animals can make Malaysia better place to live.  

All great changes are preceded by chaos

Have you encountered a racist situation in your life? Let us know how did you manage the situation in our comment section.

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SK Seri Pristana Canteen Issue:Muslims & Non-Muslims are at fault

Since there are many speculations of the SK Seri Pristana canteen issue recently, nothing seems to be conclusive. To me, everyone is at fault. The non-Muslims and also the Muslims. Non-Muslims if they were tolerant enough to accept the fact that we can eat anywhere which is suitable to eat, there wouldn't be a problem. And to hype up an issue and to condemn the Muslims during their holy month is never the right thing to do. Plus, to exaggerate that it was a toilet and smelly are statements that are uncalled for. Provided that the reasons were acceptable as in having a sink would ease these students to wash their hands after eating and provided that the changing room is hygienic. Adding to the fact that there are no other rooms, halls or open spaces that would hamper these students from eating. 

While for the Muslims, during fasting month, a non-Muslim can eat in front of a Muslim and if he could tolerate that, then this Muslim has purely understood the purpose of fasting. It's not just about not eating but it's also on how to control the urge of eating although there are people eating in front of them. And it's also not right to segregate anyone to eat within closed doors to ensure the Muslims are not influenced from those eating. It's so wrong and it's against Islam as fasting month is also a month to test the ability to control our desire. So, to me, both sides are at wrong. And things as such happen simply because deep in us we're all racists. 

So why are we racists? We are segregated from the days of British occupancy till the peak of racial tension, the 13th of May. And it's still on-going although we are living in harmony. Deep in us we are raised since childhood with the hatred towards another race. One race feels superior than the other and vice-versa. We become more religious to prove that we are better than the other. We come up with many laws and legislation to condone the rights of preaching religion freely. It only happens in our very country, Malaysia. If you go beyond Malaysia, it's never like this. The Muslims or the non-Muslims are more tolerant and they can accept their faith without problems. 

In a nutshell, we are all racists and to change things up, it has to begin from home and it has to be cultivated since childhood. Raise your child up by proving that we are all Malaysians and not Chinese, Indian or Malay. If you could do this, then things might be different. Or else, racism is a never ending story.

Read more information on this issue by clicking here.

Read Malaysian Talks's exclusive article - SK Seri Pristana: Best Place to have a meal is the Shower Room

* This is the view of one of our readers and it is the wish of the reader to be anonymous.
* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malaysian Talks.
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SK Seri Pristana: Best Place to have a meal is the Shower Room

The whole country "misunderstood". Only a few got it RIGHT!! Netizens went furious over a speculation that initiated through facebook picture posted by Ms.Guneswari, mother of one of the victim of circumstances. The picture of non-muslim kids eating in toilet became viral and caused havoc in networld. Everyone is pressurized, from politicians to media, to make coverage on this issue. Bloggers started to share the news and point of views (, & regarding this atrocity.

And then came our HERO who clarified the issue and intercepted new definition of the scenario. It's none other than Mazidul Akmal from TV3. He took the initiative to correct the manipulation of fact made by certain section of media and bloggers. His pointed out that the picture taken was not in TOILET but CHANGING ROOM which was upgraded by the school providing 2 tables with clean purple table cloth and wash basin nearby. WOW!! isn't that awesome, it was changing a.k.a shower room. All this while we thought it was TOILET. I mean seriously, isn't changing room a perfect spot to place our dining table. We can eat while changing our clothes and wait there's more... You can even eat while taking shower. How convenient is that? An innovation worth appreciation.Since it's fasting month, a perfect spot for us to buka puasa as well. See!!

Now everyone can enjoy the privilege of changing room as dining hall regardless of racial barrier. No RACISM or discrimination, an initiative to instill racial unity towards 1 Malaysia.

Mazidul Akmal even stressed that those pictures were posted a Pro-Opposition blogger. I didn't know the concerned mother is an Opposition activist. Could she be member of the Read Bean Army?? Were the pictures morphed using photoshop?? Could this be the actual picture, Oh NO!!!

Actual Picture

Morphed Picture

Ini adalah fitnah pembangkang!!!!

But finally this issue is resolved, thanks to YB P.Kamalanathan. How he did it? Simple, by taking the Headmaster statements, make his own conclusion and made further press statement saying it is RESOLVED.

Let us see what happened chronologically. At first the headmaster claimed that the canteen was closed for renovation during Ramadhan month, therefore a temporary spot was placed for Non-Muslim to eat at changing room. And then Kamalanathan said the issue pertains to the location of the makeshift canteen, as it has been used since March this year even by Muslims since lack of facilities to accommodate 1300 students. And then subsequent statement he said "Yes, the renovation only involves a glass door at the teacher's canteen, but then these are small children. So the school was concerned that the children might be hurt when they run around". "The intention was good, but the location is wrong" he added.

Am I the only one sees the contradicting statement? At first due to Renovation, and then lack of facility since March with the consent of PTA, and finally safety of children due to renovation. P.Kamalanathan did it again after 2011 Interlok KKB controversy. He'll walk in do some talking and then declares it is RESOLVED. Best part is he even made a personal contribution of RM10,000 for the renovation. He is the most "Kind" and "Diplomatic" person I've ever seen. I love this puppet show. I wonder who is the puppet master, something FISHY....

For more information on this issue, please click here. Do you feel the same? or Do you have a different opinion? Let us know!

Read what one of our readers thinks about this issue here.
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Information Compilation: Non-Muslim Pupils of SK Seri Pristana have been asked to eat in a shower room - LAST UPDATED (25/7-5:40pm)

Dear readers of MT, we do not have first hand information of the saddening incident of a school (SK Seri Pristana) asking his non-Muslim pupils to eat in a shower room. We will compile all the reports and talks of the web for your easy reading and information gathering purpose.

23rd July 2013

  1. Photo of SK Seri Pristana's pupils eating in a shower room was circulated in facebook. It went viral among the netizens.
  2. Calls have been made by netizens to take action and to verify the information.
  3. Pages like BERSIH - Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil and Pakatan Election News shared the news.
  4. There was also one note titled "PANAS MENDIDIH, MURID SEKOLAH RENDAH DISURUH MAKAN MINUM DITANDAS" was circulated in facebook requesting for some changes.
  5. also wrote about this issue as Hot : Kanak2 Sekolah Ini Makan Dalam Bilik Air.
  6. also expressed their emotion via This Got Me Boiling.
  7. Khairy Jamaluddin (Youth & Sports Minister) said in his tweet "Bagi saya, tandas ke, changing room ke, dua2 TAK sesuai dijadikan tempat makan walau apa pun alasan. Savvy?".
  8. Official news were reported in some of  the online news portals.
  9. Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan in a tweet said he had requested SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh to immediately make a more suitable place available.
  10. Below are the news you may want to read:

24th July 2013 

  1. Pictures and news about the sad incident is still being circulated in facebook and other social medias. The netizens are still enraged with the insensitive action of the school.
  2. The Malaysian Insider said "Unfortunately, in the Malaysia of today, our speed of response and empathy is dictated by race or religion, not citizenry or the simple fact that offering a helping hand or fighting for the cause of another is the right thing to do." in their news analysis. Read the full news analysis: Wanted in Malaysia: Empathy.
  3. Headmaster and PTA chairman defend controversial meals decision (Dig that Malaysians) 
  4. Sungai Buloh school was wrong, say Muslim scholars 
  6.  Kamalanathan comes under fire for quick closure on Sg Buloh school issue 
  7.  Sungai Buloh school fiasco resolved, it’s not about race or religion - deputy minister

25th July 2013

Read our exclusive article 'SK Seri Pristana: Best Place to have a meal is the Shower Room'   by Don cRaCK3r.

Read what one of our readers has to say about this issue.

In Summary, we feel really sad over this incident. Many Muslim brothers and sisters have expressed their disappointment and have encouraged the government to take actions against the school. This holy month should be respected by all regardless of religion and race. But asking the non-Muslims to not to eat in front Muslims defeats the whole purpose of fasting. Please be a human and you can be whatever you want after that.

P.S. We may not have collected all the stories, news and information. If you feel that we have not included any of the important information with regards to this incident. Please let us know via Contact Us or you can leave a comment below! If you're a blogger and you have expressed your views, please let us know we will include your link.
So this is how we Malaysians treat our kids?
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Malaysian Drivers' Attitude:Question & Answer

Question: Why Malaysian drivers don't use their signals?

  1. They forgot the existence of such thing long time ago
  2. They assume other drivers know where they are going to turn
  3. They asked the manufacturer to uninstall signals when they purchased their car

In Summary:
  1. Never trust the signal light of the car in front of you. A left signal does not mean the driver want to turn left.
  2. A right signal does not mean the driver want to turn right
  3. No signal light does not mean the driver will not turn into the left/right junction or cut into your lane.

Question: Why Malaysian drivers don't give way to faster cars in the fast lane?

  1. They need to feed their ego for not having a fast car
  2. They feel superior for not giving way

Question: Why Malaysian drivers drive underpowered car fast?

  1. Mostly teenagers unable to purchase a good car because of financial burden of academic loan where our government denies such thing, have to buy Proton and drive fast to show that they can drive fast.
  2. They try to compete with BMW and Mercedes car owners to prove a point (I don't know what point exactly)

Question: Why Malaysian drivers beat traffic lights?

  1. They were trained during school days to push the limits to achieve the goal
  2. Red, Yellow & Green are all GO-GO-GO in Malaysia
  3. Most of them are color blind

Question: Why Malaysian drivers drive in the emergency lane?

  1. They always have an emergency
  2. Emergency lane is empty and they are tempted with the emptiness

Question: Why Malaysian drivers are impatience?

  1.  Because we must achieve "Wawasan 2020"
  2. Driving patiently leads to less accidents and we Malaysians don't like it

Above are the questions commonly asked about Malaysian drivers. If you have more questions, please let us know in the comment section and we will answer you. pic, August 14 2011.

*No drivers were hurt in the process of making this article

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The Malaysian Allah Controversy by k0k s3n w4i


"... And argue not with the People of the Scripture unless it be in (a way) that is better, save with such of them as do wrong; and say: We believe in that which hath been revealed unto us and revealed unto you; our Allah and your Allah is One, and unto Him we surrender."

                                                                 Surah 29 Ayat 46, Al-Qur'an

First off, I would like to say that I'm an atheist. I am therefore completely outside the influence of any kind of bias in this matter.

Christianity was established in the mid-1st century AD in the eastern Mediterranean and early Christians have existed in Arab-speaking lands since the 3rd century (there is still a community, though small, existing there today - talked about as recently as last year's June copy of NatGeo magazine). The Arabic language dates back to the 4th century, existing hundreds of years before Islam was founded by the prophet Muhammad in the 7th century.

You know what this means? Do I have to spell it out for youse folks? This means that Christians have been using the word "Allah" for their God hundreds of years before the prophet Muhammad was even born, before even a single Muslim existed in this world. The Christians in the Middle East today still uses it, and the Middle Eastern Muslims saw no problem with that at all. And now, you - a bunch of Malay-speaking bigots - are raising this unholy hoo-ha about how other people use a word in someone else's native tongue.

Also, read your own scriptures, Muslims. Verse 46 of the 29th surah, the Surat al-‘AnkabÅ«t of the Qur'an (quoted right at the top of this post). Your own holy book said that the Christian God is Allah too, and even pointed out that you guys worship the same deity, the God of Abraham/Ibrahim. So what now? Muslims can call the Roman Catholic Christian God Allah, but the Christians themselves can't?

Look, you don't have to take my words for it. You have your own Qur'ans. Go thumb the pages.

Imagine now for a moment that you guys succeed in overturning the high court's decision and successfully institute a nationwide ban on the use of the word "Allah" in reference to the Christians' God - what would you have done? You'll have to ban the Qur'an now, won't you?

And one more thing, "Allah" is the generic Arabic word for God. It is not God's name. It is God's job. You cannot sue for exclusive use of a generic word - it is simply not legal to do so. How if tomorrow, I sue for the exclusive use of the word "banana", or "aeroplane" and make it illegal for anyone else to use these words in print? Good thing is, I can't lawfully do this. And neither can you.

So, my Muslim friends, you argue that you are afraid that people might confuse the two religions? You are afraid that Muslims might be bamboozled and led astray by the Catholics' use of the word?

Seriously, do you really think that your brethren are that spectacularly stupid? C'mon now, quit insulting the intelligence of your own brothers and sisters of the faith.

I am speaking up because I believe in the truth, in the freedom of speech of all humanity. If you truly love knowledge, and love the truth as your own God have ordained, you would not oppose the Catholics' use of the word Allah. Your opposition is both ignorant and unlawful, and is demonstrably against your own religion - to say nothing of torching Christian churches and Sikh temples.

There, I wrote it all in the simplest English I can.

Addendum 15/01/2010: Here is a couple of useful links given by an esteemed Muslim colleague of mine in the comments section for those who want an eloquent Muslim perspective on this matter. Certainly worth a read, in my opinion;

Isu Nama Allah: Garis Panduan Penggunaan Nama Allah
Beza Antara Merebut Nama Allah Dan Mempertahankan Akidah

And here's an easy to understand article on the reason behind the usage of the word "Allah" in the Malay Bible by one Dr Ng Kam Weng;

Allah can't be substituted by Tuhan in Bible translation

P.S. Link this post in your blog so this can reach as many people as possible. Or if you don't like to give me traffic, just copy and paste this. Or rewrite it in your own words. Seriously, I don't give a fuck.

P.P.S. Isn't it ironic that when the Religion of Love clashes with the Religion of Peace, intimidation and violence happens?

P.P.P.S. Here's a shout out to a Malay Muslim friend of mine who helped me hunt down and affirm the translation of the relevant Qur'an verse. He wishes to remain anonymous, naturally.

k0k s3n w4i

* This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Malaysian Talks (MT).
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Malaysian denied place in Public Unversity because of her name

A student who scored 3.8 CGPA in her foundation year in University Malaya was denied a seat in the medical course. She was rejected because her name sounded 'foreign and Christian'.

How rubbish that could be? I was shocked when I read the news 'Christian name reason to reject top student?'. So, I have to have a name that sounds Malaysian and Islamic to get into public universities?
Seriously, to those who works in the education ministry, "sayur-sayuran bin longkang", is this name eligible to secure a place? Because this sounds pretty Malaysian and Islamic to me.

What I don't understand is, she was the student in that University and she was doing her foundation. Education ministry officer, was her name not 'foreign and Christian' to you back then? I seriously would love to see the thought process of that officer because I'm dazzled with his/her decision making capability.

I mean, who the f**k comes with these kind of lame excuses and reasons to reject a top scorer. Please don't insult the intelligence of the people by coming up with excuses that makes me to puke. Its the same story with JPA Scholarships. The government should make the color of the skin as an requirement as well with religion.
If they (the government) could say it earlier, then the non-Malays can actually focus on learning rather than memorizing and passing the exams with all A's. Because the hard way or easy way the non-Malays is not going to get it.

This country has become more racist than ever. They think its okay to discriminate, step on the heads and do whatever they want. The Malays (especially the UMNO goons) think that this country belongs to particularly one race. I seriously don't give a f**k about how racist the f**king politicians are but, please don't make education racial and political. Only through education we can have a better Malaysia.

Do you feel the same I do? Pen down your frustrations and suggestion in the comment section.


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