Posted by : Zubio 11/07/2013

One of the sensitive issues in Malaysia would Public Service Department's (PSD) or in Bahasa Malaysia we called it 'Jabatan Perkhidmatan Awam (JPA)' Scholarship. I don't think one needs much explanation on the JPA scholarships. Every student in Malaysia longs to have a JPA scholarship. It is believed that the scholarship is given on the merit basis.

We have heard many stories of eligible students were not awarded the scholarship, especially the non-bumiputera or non-malay students. Some of us might have experienced by ourselves or someone we knew.

I don't want to sound so mundane here, here are excerpts of writing of an anonymous Malay that was published in Hornbill Unleashed. "I was accepted into a government matriculation college. But some of my Chinese and Indian friends were not. And since our results were comparable, and in some cases they did better than I did, we were acutely aware that this is due to the quota in place back then.". Read the full article of 'A Malay Dilemma'.

We have told that students will be able to secure a scholarship  if they score a lot of A's, good track record in co-curricular activities and good discipline track record. Most often it does not matter how good you are, end of the day it boils down to skin colour and connections you have in the department.

More will be updated regarding JPA scholarships, mean while let us know what's on your mind in our comment section.

Let's pray and hope for better nation.

"Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school."
-Albert Einstein-

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