Posted by : Zubio 22/07/2013

Question: Why Malaysian drivers don't use their signals?


  1. They forgot the existence of such thing long time ago
  2. They assume other drivers know where they are going to turn
  3. They asked the manufacturer to uninstall signals when they purchased their car

In Summary:
  1. Never trust the signal light of the car in front of you. A left signal does not mean the driver want to turn left.
  2. A right signal does not mean the driver want to turn right
  3. No signal light does not mean the driver will not turn into the left/right junction or cut into your lane.

Question: Why Malaysian drivers don't give way to faster cars in the fast lane?

  1. They need to feed their ego for not having a fast car
  2. They feel superior for not giving way

Question: Why Malaysian drivers drive underpowered car fast?

  1. Mostly teenagers unable to purchase a good car because of financial burden of academic loan where our government denies such thing, have to buy Proton and drive fast to show that they can drive fast.
  2. They try to compete with BMW and Mercedes car owners to prove a point (I don't know what point exactly)

Question: Why Malaysian drivers beat traffic lights?

  1. They were trained during school days to push the limits to achieve the goal
  2. Red, Yellow & Green are all GO-GO-GO in Malaysia
  3. Most of them are color blind

Question: Why Malaysian drivers drive in the emergency lane?

  1. They always have an emergency
  2. Emergency lane is empty and they are tempted with the emptiness

Question: Why Malaysian drivers are impatience?

  1.  Because we must achieve "Wawasan 2020"
  2. Driving patiently leads to less accidents and we Malaysians don't like it

Above are the questions commonly asked about Malaysian drivers. If you have more questions, please let us know in the comment section and we will answer you. pic, August 14 2011.

*No drivers were hurt in the process of making this article

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