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Dear readers of MT, we do not have first hand information of the saddening incident of a school (SK Seri Pristana) asking his non-Muslim pupils to eat in a shower room. We will compile all the reports and talks of the web for your easy reading and information gathering purpose.

23rd July 2013

  1. Photo of SK Seri Pristana's pupils eating in a shower room was circulated in facebook. It went viral among the netizens.
  2. Calls have been made by netizens to take action and to verify the information.
  3. Pages like BERSIH - Gabungan Pilihanraya Bersih dan Adil and Pakatan Election News shared the news.
  4. There was also one note titled "PANAS MENDIDIH, MURID SEKOLAH RENDAH DISURUH MAKAN MINUM DITANDAS" was circulated in facebook requesting for some changes.
  5. also wrote about this issue as Hot : Kanak2 Sekolah Ini Makan Dalam Bilik Air.
  6. also expressed their emotion via This Got Me Boiling.
  7. Khairy Jamaluddin (Youth & Sports Minister) said in his tweet "Bagi saya, tandas ke, changing room ke, dua2 TAK sesuai dijadikan tempat makan walau apa pun alasan. Savvy?".
  8. Official news were reported in some of  the online news portals.
  9. Deputy Education Minister P. Kamalanathan in a tweet said he had requested SK Seri Pristana in Sungai Buloh to immediately make a more suitable place available.
  10. Below are the news you may want to read:

24th July 2013 

  1. Pictures and news about the sad incident is still being circulated in facebook and other social medias. The netizens are still enraged with the insensitive action of the school.
  2. The Malaysian Insider said "Unfortunately, in the Malaysia of today, our speed of response and empathy is dictated by race or religion, not citizenry or the simple fact that offering a helping hand or fighting for the cause of another is the right thing to do." in their news analysis. Read the full news analysis: Wanted in Malaysia: Empathy.
  3. Headmaster and PTA chairman defend controversial meals decision (Dig that Malaysians) 
  4. Sungai Buloh school was wrong, say Muslim scholars 
  6.  Kamalanathan comes under fire for quick closure on Sg Buloh school issue 
  7.  Sungai Buloh school fiasco resolved, it’s not about race or religion - deputy minister

25th July 2013

Read our exclusive article 'SK Seri Pristana: Best Place to have a meal is the Shower Room'   by Don cRaCK3r.

Read what one of our readers has to say about this issue.

In Summary, we feel really sad over this incident. Many Muslim brothers and sisters have expressed their disappointment and have encouraged the government to take actions against the school. This holy month should be respected by all regardless of religion and race. But asking the non-Muslims to not to eat in front Muslims defeats the whole purpose of fasting. Please be a human and you can be whatever you want after that.

P.S. We may not have collected all the stories, news and information. If you feel that we have not included any of the important information with regards to this incident. Please let us know via Contact Us or you can leave a comment below! If you're a blogger and you have expressed your views, please let us know we will include your link.
So this is how we Malaysians treat our kids?

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